On May 22, company of technology of communication of street combination major released road of Jiangxi of the static Zhi that bring a district to be not motor vehicle intelligence to stop garage innovation achievement, it is science and technology enters area of grown-ups and children to develop another successful case that handles actual effect. Since 2018, zhi Jiangxi road is street combinative ma黄浦区spa会所jor ke上海后花园1314y grinds, will accord with garage of village of 49 when transform a condition old old public houses to bring into transform limits. The garage after transforming but the car amount of park increased 30% , increase 2132 by 1625 original, safety factor more promotion, village environment is more orderly, government of the city zone is more elaborate上海闵行上门spa, community d上海十大kb名店weller is more satisfactory. Zhi Jiangxi road is street area of area under administration 1.64 square kilometer, often live population reachs 84539 people, village of old old public house achieves 42 in 74 natural villages, it is typical old the city zone. Street discover in beginning the work such as old survey and analysis of community of community dweller demand, old old village is not issue of motor vehicle government is village processing difficult problem all the time, main problem is short of in ageing of carport hardware establishment centrally break, corridor ” fall from the day ” order of hidden danger of safety of electrical wiring existence, village is safeguarded hard etc. To this, street party is versed in appoint resolved, must from g阿拉爱上海同城419o up at all change this one current situation, solve the problem thoroughly. 2018, street union ” beautiful home ” upgrade edition construction is in intelligence of carport of pilot blame motor-driven turns restitute lane residential area transform. “Present garage is real too convenient, so I charge should pull from upstairs very long pull line board to come down, rained to worry about leakage of electricity, fill long concern fills excessive. Good now, stop in the garage, cut off the power au松江中山广场桑拿论坛会所电话tomatically, safe save虹口世纪洗浴桑拿会所 worry. ” Gu Qiongying aunt says resident of restitute lane village. She is pushing dynamoelectric bicycle to hit card 松江开元桑拿会所to enter a garage, find exclusive car, charge in intelligence brush gently on picket, the electric motor-car that gives oneself is fill闵行区龙柏spaed went up report. Inside garage of intelligence of restitute lane village, the reporter sees, green ground is clean and relaxed, charge picket is arranged by number, one picket one car, carport and enclosure tall, to open structure of type umbrella阿拉爱上海aishs shape partly, the smoke feeling gush that there is a red circle among drenchs equipment. As we have learned, this garage is violated by 12 build appearance to rebuild and come, have intelligent entrance guard not only, intelligence charges picket, intelligent blame motor vehicle stopped a garage to still deploy gush of feeling of 24 hour supervisory system, smoke to drench system, technology